Bitarome All Natural Rose Blossom Water For Cooking, 1L 33.81Oz

Bitarome All Natural Rose Blossom Water For Cooking, 1L 33.81Oz

Bitarome All Natural Rose Blossom Water for Cooking, 1L (33.81oz) | For Nougats, Turkish Delights, Baklava and More. No Additives, Vegan

  • PREMIUM QUALITY – We believe in pure, high quality premium ingredients at an affordable price. We ensure that our products are sourced from the highest quality providers on the market. We only want the genuine product in order to get the highest quality flavoring possible.
  • ALL NATURAL – Our rose water only has 1 ingredient: herbal distillate of fragrant rose petals. No additives, preservatives or filler low quality ingredients are added, ensuring it’s the purest all natural product that it can be.
  • CLASSIC MEDDITERRANEAN INGREDIENT – This versatile ingredient can be mixed with sugar to make a deliciously aromatic floral syrup that can be added to water, tea, cocktails, cakes, yogurt… It is also often used to make the Persian sweets nougat, baklava, turkish delight and marzipan.
  • HEALTHY FLAVOURING – Rose blossom water has 0 calories, no fat, no sugar and no carbohydrates. You could hardly ask for a better deal with the incredible flavouring it adds to a myriad of recipes.
  • ALTERNATIVE DIET COMPATIBILITY – As a water based flavour, rose blossom water is of course vegan and vegetarian friendly, and is compatible with essentially all diets that one could possible on. It is often used as a halal substitute for red wine and other alcohols.
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