Blue Shark Gummy Candy, 5 Lbs - HALAL

Out Of Stock Blue Shark Gummy Candy, 5 Lbs - HALAL

Blue Shark Gummy Candy, 5 Lbs - HALAL

  • Cheese Crisp Bars: Get your healthy on with this great low-carb, gluten-free snack bar option with 7-8g of protein. Our Cheese Crips Bars are high-protein and baked from real cheese and simple ingredients
  • Bulk Up the Snack Cabinet: Tired of snacking on empty calorie potato chips and low-carb snack bars? Need a paleo cheat day? Try beginner keto-friendly Cheese O's, Crisps or Crisp Bars for a higher protein cheese snack
  • Gluten Free: Sonoma Creamery's gluten-free Cheese Crisps, Cheese Crisp Bars and Cheese O's have the savory crunch of pork rinds, chips or paleo crackers, but with a whole grain and high-protein boost
  • Guilt Free: Looking for a guilt-free snack to match your healthy lifestyle? Our cheese crisps, Cheese Crisp Bars, and Cheese O's have a whole grain crunch, but more savory flavor than granola bars
  • Quality Since 1931: You'll love Sonoma Creamery's delicious hand-crafted cheese snacks if you like cheese crisps, cheese crackers, cheese snack bars, low carb snack bars or keto snacks
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  • Brand: Kervan
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