Buckwheat Flakes Instant 100% Natural GMO Free 400gr14.12oz M...

Out Of Stock Buckwheat Flakes Instant 100% Natural GMO Free 400gr14.12oz M...

Skvira Millet Flakes Instant GMO Free No Added Sugar Halal Certificate 400 gr / 14.12 OZ (1 Pack)

  • 1 Pack 0.88 LB Millet Flakes Instant 100% Natural GMO Free No Added Sugar. Country of origin: Ukraine. FAST FREE SHIPPING!
  • Millet flakes are rich in dietary fibers-they are well used to cleanse the body of people with excess weight and diabetics. Flakes normalize metabolism, help strengthen vascular walls, increase the level of hemoglobin, improve skin, hair and nails.
  • A wonderful version of a delicious and hearty breakfast - flakes based on millet cup of rapid preparation. The composition includes only millet flakes. The product does not contain sugar, GMOs, flavors, preservatives, colors. It is ideal for young children as well as school-age children.
  • Flakes quickly saturate, quench hunger, give energy. The dish is prepared elementary. 1 cup of dry flakes should be poured with boiling water (or hot milk) in a ratio of 1 to 2. Cover the container on top and let infuse for 3 minutes. Then add the right ingredients (salt, sugar, broth, meat, dried fruits, honey). Millet flakes can become a favorite dish if you pick up your taste and combine a healthy meal with a drink.
  • Date of production shown on a package. Expiration date is according to European standards DD / MM / YYYY. Shelf life 12 months. Store in a cool and dry place.
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  • Brand: Skvira
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