Caffe Damore Epicurean Sweet Ground Chocolate, 3-Pound Package

Out Of Stock Caffe Damore Epicurean Sweet Ground Chocolate, 3-Pound Package

DaVinci Gourmet Epicurean Sweet Ground Chocolate Blended Drink Mix, 3 Pounds

  • CHOCOLATE BLEND MIX: We've created the ultimate blend for your custom frappes, with coffee-free delicious chocolate flavor. It's a perfect all-in-one beverage mix for iced chocolate drinks!
  • EASY TO PREPARE: Use the scoop included in each bag for a perfect measurement every time. It's easy to make: simply combine with milk & blend it with ice for a deliciously refreshing instant treat!
  • MANY WAYS TO ENJOY: Our signature blended drinks boast smooth consistency & velvety texture. Customize your drink with flavored syrups, or top with whipped cream for an indulgent dessert-like drink.
  • ARTISAN-INSPIRED SPECIALITIES MADE EASY: Indulge yourself or captivate your guests with our many award-winning, artisan-inspired specialties from decadent sipping chocolate to all-natural iced teas.
  • UNFORGETTABLE BLENDS: We source the finest ingredients & blend them for incredible flavor & an unforgettable taste experience. Try all of our blended iced coffee mixes, from lattes to mochas & more!
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  • Brand: Bellagio
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