Caveman New Grain Free Brownie Crunch 14Oz, 1Pack

Out Of Stock Caveman New Grain Free Brownie Crunch 14Oz, 1Pack

Caveman Grain Free Brownie Crunch, 14 Ounce Pouch

  • Gluten-free Snacks: Grab a bite of this delicious, dairy- and soy- free vegan snack made with real dark chocolate, almonds and seeds. Delicious brownie clusters come in resealable pouch to retain freshness
  • Paleo Friendly: Should a paleo-friendly snack taste this good? Definitely! With 11g of healthy fats, 11g of carbs with 7g sugar, this is the perfect on the go snack for hiking, camping and other outdoor activities
  • The Paleo Approach: The Paleo Diet avoids highly processed foods, dairy, legumes, grains and artificial ingredients that weren’t easily accessible to our earliest ancestors so your body can thrive
  • Paleo Snack Philosophy: Caveman Foods delivers the best tasting nutrition bars made with nuts and seeds to help deliver a balance of healthy fats, carbs and protein that fit your gluten free, paleo, and vegan lifestyle
  • Nutrient Dense Foods: We’re inspired by our early ancestors, who thrived on simple, nutrient dense foods. That’s why we make delicious snacks that make you feel stronger, sharper and more resilient
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  • Brand: Caveman Foods
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