Chantico Agave Sweetener Raw Agave, 11.75Oz Bottle Organic Nat

Chantico Agave Sweetener Raw Agave, 11.75Oz Bottle Organic Nat

Chantico Agave Sweetener (Raw Agave, 11.75oz Bottle) Organic Natural Sugar Substitute with a Low Glycemic Index and a Premium Food Taste - Stevia Alternative That Can Be Used For Baking

  • ALL NATURAL ORGANIC LIQUID SWEETENER: Chantico Agave Sweetener is a premium agave syrup crafted from sustainably harvested, unlcultivated, organic Mexican agave. Prepared to raw-food standards, our Chantico Raw Agave is naturally one third sweeter than sugar, allowing you to use less calories for the same taste. Ideal for those prioritizing a low glycemic diet, our flavorful syrups can be used as sugar substitutes or honey alternatives in beverages, baked goods and other prepared foods.
  • 100% RAW MEXICAN AGAVE: Chantico uses only organic Mexican agave to crete premium quality, organic agave sweeteners. All of our products are crafted using single-origin, Mexican agave and a traditional, safe, thermal production process. The results are superior-tasting agave products that have less calories per serving than conventional sugars without the chemical aftertaste of artificial sweeteners.
  • NATURALLY LUSH FLAVOR THAT'S SWEETER THAN SUGAR OR HONEY: Raw Chantico Agave Sweetener offers the warm flavor of agave with increased intensity. Its robust, sweet taste and thicker consistency render it the perfect honey alternative. Enjoy this organic agave syrup in beverages, as a sugar substitute when baking or as a sweetener in cereals, pancakes, waffles, protein drinks and sauces.
  • ENHANCE THE NATURAL FLAVOR OF YOUR FOODS: Derived from organic Mexican agave, Chantico agave powders and syrups are a delicious complement to any food or beverage. Our agave sweeteners are naturally one third sweeter than most conventional sugars, allowing you to use less, reducing calories while enjoying an unadulterated sweet taste. Enjoy our products as sugar substitutes in beverages, baked goods and much more.
  • NON-GMO, ORGANIC, ALLERGEN FREE AGAVE: All Chantico agave syrups and powders are crafted from single-origin, organic agave plants, sustainably harvested and crafted usting traditinal methods. Our agave sweeteners are produced at a single site, ensuring the highest level of quality control. Ideal for those following a low glycemic diet, our sweeteners are lower in calories per serving than sugar, making them a perfect sugar substitute or honey alternative.
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