Chardonnay Fontana Wine Making Kit Premium 23 Liters

Chardonnay Fontana Wine Making Kit Premium 23 Liters

Chardonnay Fontana Wine Making Kit Premium 23 Liters

  • CHARDONNAY WINE MAKING KIT: Enjoy at home brewing with our easy to use and delightfully fun wine making ingredient kit. This DIY wine kit yields up to 23L of smooth white wine in just a month which means you can share up to 30 bottles of wine with friends and family! ABV between 11% and 13%.
  • HIGH QUALITY INGREDIENTS: We use high quality ingredients from the world's top vineyards. Red wine kits ingredients include: wine base, brewer’s yeast, Bentonite, Sulphite, Sorbate, Chitosan, Kieselsol. (Wine Making Equipment and bottles/labels NOT Included).
  • CUSTOMIZED WHITE WINE: Home brewing should allow you to create a customized wine. Our DIY Kits include just the basic ingredients for a spectacular wine. Save the extra money on our wine kit and choose your own flavor add-ins. Find oak or berry flavor packs of your choice to experiment with additional flavor, color and texture profiles.
  • AWARD WINNING: Our premium wine kits have won various awards and accolades including over 30 gold medals.
  • GREAT GIFT: Our wine kits make amazing Christmas gifts, birthday gifts and more! The best part of this gift is that wine is best when shared among loved ones so once the recipient is done enjoying the brewing process, they can enjoy an amazing Chardonnay wine with others.
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