Clēēn:Craft | Mood-Boosting, Non-Alcoholic Premium Sparkling Hem

Out Of Stock Clēēn:Craft | Mood-Boosting, Non-Alcoholic Premium Sparkling Hem

CLEEN CRAFT | Mood-Boosting, Non-Alcoholic Premium Sparkling Hemp Drink, Organic Non-GMO Flavors, Add to Cocktails, Low Calorie & Caffeine-Free, Plant-Based Nootropic Beverage (Cola, 4 Pack)

  • DESIGNED TO POWER YOUR MOOD: Perfect for Dry Sober Month. Without artificial sugar or coloring this delicious sparkling drink features organic, plant-based components and may improve and enhance your body's natural energy — without the crash. Great for a mid-day boost or a relaxing after dinner refreshment.
  • 16 MILLIGRAMS OF HEMP PER CAN & LOW CALORIE COUNT: Each can has the perfect amount of premium hemp + simple ingredients including filtered water, pure cane sugar, plant & vegetable extracts & natural flavors. With only 85 calories per can, forget about the guilt usually associated with a sweet drink.
  • CAFFEINE-FREE NATURAL ENERGY: If you're trying to kick the caffeine habit, our caffeine-free drinks may promote natural energy and help you stay focused without the coffee jitters. Say goodbye to the afternoon crash or caffeine withdrawal headaches, you’ll finish the day strong and feel great doing it.
  • THE PERFECT COCKTAIL MIXER: Pair with your favorite adult beverage for a refreshing experience that won’t add to the dehydration associated with artificial soft drinks and syrups. Create a new favorite in your bar & restaurant with the unique & exciting taste of Cleen Craft.
  • SOBER CURIOUS: The perfect add to your health plan for the new year or all year. A alternative that also powers your mood and provides a more natural energy. Shaking up the beverage, cleen:craft offers the positive side effects without the negative one. Non-alcoholic for curious individuals.
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