Cocktail Sauce and Creamy Horseradish Bundle

Cocktail Sauce and Creamy Horseradish Bundle

St. Elmo Cocktail Sauce and Creamy Horseradish Bundle, Extra Spicy Combo for Steak and Seafood

  • WORLD FAMOUS SPICY FLAVOR – Fiery. Refreshing. One of a kind. Crafted in a kitchen with 119 years of experience, these St. Elmo sauces are lauded around the world for their incomparable taste and insanely spicy flavor. With a delicious kick of heat and a subtle, sweet aftertaste, these sauces are unforgettable.
  • CREAMY HORSERADISH – Nicknamed "Slammer Sauce" by our grill cooks, this savory flavor with a kick of horseradish complements steaks, and it's even better on roast beef, ham, and other sandwiches. This sauce is made with zero artificial ingredients or preservatives. Boasting a powerful and refreshing taste, this mouthwatering horseradish sauce is sure to brighten your plate.
  • SIGNATURE COCKTAIL SAUCE – Fresh-ground horseradish root gives this sauce it’s uniquely mouthwatering taste, making it the ideal pairing for jumbo shrimp and other seafood. Balanced with a refreshing tomato paste and hints of lemon, the St. Elmo Cocktail Sauce shocks senses and delights the palate.
  • CRAFTED WITH CARE – From our steakhouse to your home kitchen, you can enjoy these iconic St. Elmo sauces. Each 12 oz bottle delivers a horseradish laden punch that the world has come to know and love. Both sauces are gluten-free and kosher. Serve it to your guests at home, send it as a gift, or simply enjoy for yourself!
  • STORAGE – Refrigerate both bottles upon arrival. St. Elmo Cocktail Sauce should be stored cold and not left at room temperature longer than 7-10 days or it will begin to lose spiciness. If stored, the sauce typically has a best-by date of approximately 6 months.
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