Coficafe | 6 Lbs | Specialty Single Origin Unroasted Green Coffe

Out Of Stock Coficafe | 6 Lbs | Specialty Single Origin Unroasted Green Coffe

CofiCafe | 6 Lbs | Specialty Single Origin Unroasted Green Coffee from Colombia | Tatama - Valle del Cauca | SCA Cup score: 87 points

  • Tatama from CofiCafe is a Single Origin Specialty Coffee produced thanks to the work of 2,200 families associated with Cafenorte in 12 municipalities of Valle del Cauca, under a fair and collaborative model in which coffee farmers receive greater compensation than in the traditional market, for having outstanding and differentiated characteristics in Every microlote of coffee. It currently has quality certifications such as Fair Trade and UTZ, granted to Cafenorte's processes
  • Tatama is a coffee with a creamy body, with floral notes, red fruits, apple, nutmeg, honey and panela, which gives it a fruity fragrance, and bright acidity that will delight anyone who tastes this specialty coffee of the Colombian Coffee Cultural Landscape, a World Heritage site, awarded by UNESCO. SCA
  • Score in cup 86.5
  • Washed – Sun dried / 1,900 m.a.s.l / Varietal – Castillo / Caturro
  • Recommended roast profile is medium (also known as regular)
  • Love It: 422
  • Brand: COFICAFE
  • Product Code: B081RCMDB8
  • Availability: Out Of Stock
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