Concept Fruits Whole Roasted French Chestnuts - Peeled, Ready-to...

Concept Fruits Whole Roasted French Chestnuts - Peeled, Ready-to...

Concept Fruits Whole Roasted French Chestnuts - Peeled, Ready-to-eat, Steamed - Product of France - 8.1 oz Jar

Chauds les marrons, chauds! A sure sign of winter's approach, this street vendor's cry invites you to warm up with a cone of roasted chestnuts. Popping open a jar is not quite as romantic, but at least you won't burn your fingertips. You can eat these whole roasted, peeled chestnuts straight from the jar, or you can use them to prepare soups, side dishes (try sauteeing them with with fennel and onions), or desserts like chocolate chestnut cake. They will also make a fine addition to your Thanksgiving stuffing. Americans lost some of habit of eating chestnuts when a virus killed almost all American chestnut trees in the 1930s. The French never lost the taste. In addition to the famous roasted chestnuts that you can find on any Parisian street corner at Christmas-time, the French use chestnuts in a wide variety of sweetened and unsweetened dishes including Ardaches salad (chestnuts, potatoes, and pork over greens) and Corsican brilloli (chestnut polenta). For brisolae, a traditional harvest meal of the Valais, roasted chestnuts are served with cheese, dried meat, and autumn fruits.
  • WHOLESOME - Concept Fruits Chestnuts are a tree-ripened, wholesome food choice.
  • READY TO EAT - Our steamed Chestnuts are Peeled and ready to eat; right out of the jar!
  • HEALTHY - The Perfect Healthy Low Calorie Snack - Great for Snacking, Cooking or Baking.
  • NATURAL - All Natural, Good Source of Vitamin C, Fat Free, 0gr Sodium, No Sugar Added, No Artificial Coloring.
  • IMPORTED - We brought the best for you, straight from France!
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