Ahara Rasa FANCY Niter Kibbeh Truly GrassFed Ghee 19oz. Lactose ...

Ahara Rasa FANCY Niter Kibbeh Truly GrassFed Ghee 19oz. Lactose ...

Ahara Rasa FANCY Niter Kibbeh Truly Grassfed Ghee, Lactose & Casein Free USDA . No Salt, No GMOs. Made in USA. Animal Welfare Approved, 19oz

  • Quality: This delicious cultured and Truly Grassfed Niter Kibbeh ghee (ultra-clarified butter) is a delightful, spiced clarified butter inspired by Ethiopia. With Koseret (butter clarifying herb) and Korerima (Smokey black cardamom) at its core, this is a "celebration style" kibbeh with Ahara's added spice blend including Onion, Garlic and Ginger as well as Azmud (black seed) and more. Use as a fragrant and savory cooking oil, a dollop for stews or mixed with Berbere spice as a condiment.
  • Certifications: 3rd party Certified Grassfed status, Animal Welfare Approved by A Greener world, NON-GMO, Portion of the proceeds support A Greener World - Improving transparency in the food system and sustainable agriculture.
  • Benefits: Nourish your body and build your immune system through Natural Ahara Ghee to supercharge your brain and body by using it as a replacement for butter or oil in your regular cooking or in recipes with collagen, bone broth, or XCT oil. Help give your skin a healthy glow, plus an excellent source of nutrition during pregnancy and postpartum gut health with Anti-Inflammatory benefits.
  • ZERO Carb & Sugar-FREE: Our Grass-fed and ANIMAL WELFARE APPROVED Ghee is made from pastured cow’s milk, which is actively-cultured before churning. Our cows are fed on fresh green grass in year round. Contains no gluten, GMOs, sugar, salt, hormones, antibiotics, or artificial flavors. Sugar-free and carb-free, it is great for people following a ketogenic or keto diet or similar low carb diets.
  • Handmade in the USA in our humble Portland Kitchen. This ghee is NOT imported from India. Our Truly Grassfed Ghee is made with 100% pastured butter from cows on small family farms. With authentic taste and texture, it has hints of caramel and natural sweetness, our Ghee is the real deal! Our ghee is artisan-made in small batches over open flame, following the ancient method that preserves health benefits and locks in earthy freshness.
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