CryoCraft Spirit-Infused Whole Roasted Coffee Beans Limited Edit...

CryoCraft Spirit-Infused Whole Roasted Coffee Beans Limited Edit...

CryoCraft Spirit-Infused Whole Roasted Coffee Beans Limited Edition (LE1)

WHAT IS CRYOCRAFT COFFEE?-Coffee becomes stale within seven days of roasting due to natural oxidation and CO2 degassing. Our proprietary Cryogenic Nitrogenator stops this aging process by instantly freezing, nitrogen-flushing and sealing fresh-roasted beans in specially-coated, pressurized, recyclable aluminum cans. Store your CryoCraft coffee beans without losing freshness, because your seven days starts when you pop open a can, making it the perfect gift. TEQUILA CHILE MOCHA-Premium, hand-selected Tanzanian peaberries with their rich wine and citrus notes, infused with top-shelf, aged tequila for an amazing alcohol-free beverage (<0.05% ABV). Dusted with dark chocolate, vanilla beans, nutmeg, chilies and other spices for a smooth, but complex, spirit-infused coffee that isn't overly sweet. Leaving a delicious, lingering heat that will delight spice lovers without overwhelming sensitive palates. PEABERRY SUPERIORITY-Occasionally a rare genetic anomaly appears in the coffee cherry where instead of forming two flat beans, a single, round "berry" is formed exhibiting naturally higher nutrient and caffeine levels. The result, a sweeter, stronger, richer coffee with more robust flavors than their traditional bean counterparts. Besides being downright adorable, the small, round shape of these hand-selected beans causes them to roast more evenly and consistently, thereby better caramelizing the natural sugars for an unrivaled flavor experience. HIGHEST NATURAL CAFFEINE (UP TO 50% MORE)-An astonishing 50% more natural caffeine than other Arabica subspecies. Mustache Barista sources only single-origin, hand-selected, Arabica peaberries from Tanzanian coffee fields at the base of Mt. Kilimanjaro. TOTAL SATISFACTION & 1-YEAR FRESHNESS GUARANTEE-Try a can risk free with our 30-day satisfaction guarantee for a full refund of the purchase price or hold on to it for a special occasion since all CryoCraft cans are backed by a 1-year freshness replacement guarantee.
  • SPIRIT-INFUSED with TOP-SHELF TEQUILLA, DARK CHOCOLATE & SPICES. Ethically-sourced, premium single-origin TANZANIAN PEABERRIES hand-selected from the base of Mt. Kilimanjaro.
  • CryoCraft coffee uses a proprietary CRYOGENIC NITROGENATION process to STAY FRESH FOR A YEAR or more GUARANTEED. Try some RISK FREE.
  • UP TO 50% MORE NATURAL CAFFEINE than other Arabicas and pure, healthy ORGANIC MCT oil.
  • PERFECT GIFT because it DOESN'T GO STALE in 7 days like other roasted coffee beans. Includes a Mustache Barista pulp coaster with POP-OUT WEARABLE MUSTACHE.(WITH ORDERS OF 2 OR MORE)
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  • Brand: Mustache Barista
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