Dr. Cowans Garden Horseradish Powder, Made in the USA

Dr. Cowans Garden Horseradish Powder, Made in the USA

Dr. Cowan's Garden Horseradish Root Powder, with organic horseradish. USA grown.

  • Give picky eaters the benefit of a full serving of vegetables in a natural healthy way with Dr. Cowan's Garden, Horseradish Vegetable Powder, a nutritional and medicinal standout. Our powders are great for busy moms and picky eaters just sneak our veggie powder into your BBQ sauce, ketchup, or any other condiment to get veggies into your meals and your children's. Horseradish is a perennial in the brassicas family and is a close relative of wasabi.
  • Traditionally, horseradish is paired with protein foods, especially meat and fish. The culinary pairing of meat and horseradish is a dynamic combination.
  • Horseradish has other well documented medicinal benefits. The first is its effect on respiratory passages, it has been used as a food, an inhalation and added to compresses to help clear mucus from the sinus passages or lungs.These plant chemicals called glucosinolates are found in many brassicas plants, including broccoli sprouts and Brussels sprouts, but are particularly abundant in horseradish. Sprinkle on eggs, fish or any other protein rich dish to easily incorporate into your diet.
  • Sprinkle on at breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even on your snack. Our favorite way to use Horseradish Powder is to marinate steaks by dusting both sides with it and letting the steaks rest for a few hours before cooking. The strong enzymes in the horseradish help break down the meat fibers, making the final dish not only more flavorful but also more tender not to mention a healthy way to get the benefit and intake of vegetables without the hassle.
  • Ingredients: Organic horseradish. Nothing else.
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