DREAM SAFFRON Super Negin Afghan Saffron, Grade A+, No artificia...

DREAM SAFFRON Super Negin Afghan Saffron, Grade A+, No artificia...

Dream Saffron - Authentic Afghan Saffron Threads, 20 Grams of 100% Natural Saffron Spice, Red Stigma of Crocus Sativus Used for Tea, Paella, Risotto

  • Premium High Quality - Dream Saffron offers superior long saffron threads. These threads are a vivid crimson color, with orange-red tips in the filament and no yellow stigmas mixed. This means that the entire weight comprises high quality and natural zafraan threads!
  • 100% Natural - Our product is completely natural and lacks any forms of artificial preservatives. It is organically produced and carefully harvested by hand in Afghanistan. This completely pure and safe zafran is free from allergens or chemical reactions!
  • Multi-purpose Nature - Afghan Saffron is internationally known for its multiple uses, such as adding a delicious aroma, marvelous color, and awesome taste to foods and drinks. It has several health benefits and our beautiful packaging makes it a great item to gift to your loved ones!
  • Several Benefits - This natural option is well-known for offering a plethora of physical and mental health benefits. It can be made into saffron powder, extract its flavor and color by putting it in hot water, and it's commonly used in dishes such as rice, persian tea, spanish paella, Bouillabaisse, pudding, seafood pasta, cakes, Bastani Ice Cream, among other mouthwatering recipes.
  • Package Contains - Our best offer just for you! 20 times the content of our smaller option at less than half the price per ounce, and everything packaged in a beautiful and luxurious silver tin packaging that maintains its content fresh for years! This option gives you 20 grams (0.71 oz) of 100% natural Super Negin All-Red Saffron to enjoy with all your family members and in many recipes for several months! Get it now!
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