Alter Eco | Single Chocolate Bars | Pure Dark Cocoa, Fair Trade,...

Alter Eco | Single Chocolate Bars | Pure Dark Cocoa, Fair Trade,...

Alter Eco | Dark Quinoa Crunch | 60% Cocoa, Organic Dark Chocolate Bars with Recipe Guide, Single Bar (2.65oz)

  • 60% PURE COCOA - Snap and crackle get their pop with a hearty sprinkling of our royal pearl quinoa crisps. This ancient Bolivian grain lends its satisfying crunch and gentle nutty flavor to our deep, malty Ecuadorian dark chocolate.
  • MOUTH WATERING CHOCOLATE RECIPES - Get creative with your chocolate bars! Your purchase comes with a Recipe Guide eBook, featuring three easy and delicious chocolate recipes you can make at home.
  • FAIR TRADE CHOCOLATE - We ensure that farmers have been paid a price that enables sustainable production and living conditions, along with a premium to support the growth of the cooperatives and their communities! Our full process is made with care, so you can enjoy every bite, with a peace of mind.
  • ORGANIC & NON-GMO INGREDIENTS – Certified by the USDA Organic and made with Non-GMO Ingredients! Our organic chocolate starts at the soil, and is finished with FSC Certified recyclable packaging.
  • CARBON NEUTRAL PRODUCT – We are Climate Neutral Certified, offsetting 100% of our carbon emissions through conservation and reforestation projects.
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