Dried French Gray Sea Salt - Guerande French Sea Salt Coarse

Out Of Stock Dried French Gray Sea Salt - Guerande French Sea Salt Coarse

The Spice Lab French Grey (Coarse) Sea Salt - 1 Lb Bag Natural, Traditional French Gray Salt - Imported Kosher GF

  • FRENCH GREY SALT: Referred to as sel gris or sel de Guérande, French grey salt is an unrefined natural salt. Considered “the champagne of salts,” this salt is specially harvested from salt marshes in Guérande, a small town on the Western coast of France. Enriched with minerals, French grey salt is said to have a rich and briny taste reminiscent of the sea and winds of Brittany.
  • HAND HARVESTED: An age-old tradition for the salt workers of Guérande, French grey salt has been harvested by hand for centuries with the same techniques used and passed down by their Celtic ancestors since the Iron Age. Today, this hand-selected salt is celebrated in kitchens throughout the world as one of the best, premium salts on the market.
  • FLAVOR PROFILE: A completely natural and unprocessed salt, Guérande salt is light grey in color and rich in minerals due to the clay soil from the region which it is extracted from. These minerals help to impart a unique taste to the salt that is distinct from any other. French grey salt has a naturally high moisture content and a complex, mild, briny flavor, qualities that are often sought after by professional chefs.
  • COMMON USE: This fine grain French salt is excellent as an all-around cooking and finishing salt. A kitchen staple, Guérande salt enhances the flavors of any dish and is particularly good with seafood, steaks, roasted vegetables, stews and marinades. Use Guérande to create authentic French cuisine your whole family will enjoy.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: The Spice Lab’s Fine Grain French Grey Salt is all natural, gluten free, kosher and non-GMO. This premium sea salt is processed and packaged in our HACCP certified manufacturing facility in Pompano Beach, Florida.
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