Epicureal Preserved Whole Lemons in a Salt & Lemon Brine - 720 m...

Epicureal Preserved Whole Lemons in a Salt & Lemon Brine - 720 m...

Epicureal Preserved Whole Lemons in a Salt & Lemon Brine - 720 mL (685 g) | Traditional flavor, Perfect Moroccan Braise, Authentic Product of Morocco

  • FLAVOR PACKED – Epicureal Whole Preserved Lemons are cured in a brine of coarse salt and lemon juice to produce a soft, mellow, deep lemony flavor in the peel. When finely chopped, the skin of the preserved lemons adds an exotic astringency to vinaigrettes.
  • MASTER NORTH AFRICAN CUISINE – Whole Preserved Lemons are used extensively in North African cooking in various types of dishes. Used sparingly, they impart a sophisticated lemon undertone common to tagines and Moroccan salads.
  • USAGE IDEAS – When using preserved lemons, remember to wash each lemon to remove the brine and scoop out the pulp within, which will be too salty; the thin skin is all you need to impart the flavor. While traditionally used to flavor couscous and tagines, Whole Preserved Lemon is a vital ingredient in the classic Moroccan braise, Chicken with Lemon and Olives.
  • MORE IDEAS – Preserved Lemon makes a delicious flavor addition to marinades for grilled chicken or lamb or in a compound butter with coriander and harissa. Can also be used for delicious lemon & ginger prawns, lamb tagine, moroccan grilled chicken, and even a lemon martini! Let us know what dishes you used your preserved lemons for when leaving your review!
  • SECURELY PACKED – We understand you’re serious about your dishes, which is why we put so much effort into ensuring our packaging protects your jar of preserved lemons during the delivery process. If somehow you have a broken jar, please message us promptly after delivery in order to process an exchange or refund.
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