Fabura 5 Pack Spices Seasoning Blends - Illicium Verum, Cinnamon...

Fabura 5 Pack Spices Seasoning Blends - Illicium Verum, Cinnamon...

Fabura 8 Pack Spices Seasoning Blends - Illicium Verum, Cinnamon, Bay Leaf, Cuminum Cyminum / Foeniculum Vulgare, Capsicum Annuum Var. Conoides / Chao Tian Jiao

  • STAR ANISE is mainly used for cooking, deep-frying, halogen and burning, etc. It can be used to add flavors and increase appetite. The star anise is often added to beef, adding aromas, flavors, and appetite. When stewing meat, the meat is placed in the octagonal pot and its aroma is fully hydrolyzed and melted into the meat, making the meat more mellow.
  • BAY LEAF is mainly used for cooking foods, and is generally used for braising meat, cooking meat, mutton meat, etc. In addition, the sauces, soups, vegetables and the like can be used to add flavor and aroma. In food cooking, only one or two slices of bay leaf are needed to satisfy your taste needs.
  • CINNAMON is one of the important ingredients in the home-used spiced powder. Cinnamon alone is also an important spice for daily cooking, so using it for cooking only requires adding cinnamon to the food and cooking it. Cinnamon is used for dishes because of its fragrant aroma, especially for meat dishes, and its aroma can be very appetizing.
  • FENNEL is a must-have item when cooking ragout and making marinated foods, because cumin has a specific aroma and slightly sweet taste. Therefore, fennel is used in cooking to remove the smell of fish and mutton. It is used to stew mutton, which is delicious and fresh. There is also a small amount of vitamin A, starch and sugar in fennel. Therefore, the nutritional value of cumin is extremely rich.
  • CHAOTIAN PEPPER is a common seasoning for cooking in the kitchen and is commonly used to make chili oil and barbecue ingredients. In addition, pepper can prevent heart disease. Pepper can promote blood circulation, increase the elasticity of blood vessels, reduce the possibility of hardening of the blood vessels, and effectively prevent cardiovascular diseases. Pepper is also rich in vitamin C, which has anti-oxidant effect and enhances body resistance while delaying aging.
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