Fatworks, Premium Cultured, Grass-Fed Ghee, Micro-Batch Rendered...

Fatworks, Premium Cultured, Grass-Fed Ghee, Micro-Batch Rendered...

Fatworks, Premium Cultured, Grass-Fed Ghee, Micro-Batch Rendered for Superior Taste, WHOLE30 APPROVED, Keto, Paleo, 7.5 oz.

  • HIGHEST QUALITY FINE FILTERED CULTURED GHEE: Crafted in small batches from Organic Cultured Butter exclusively from cows raised on U.S. Small Family Farms. Lactose and Gluten Free. Never feed grains, with No Preservatives, No Antibiotics and No Hormones. Great for Ayurvedic , Paleo, Keto, Whole30, AIP and WAP lifestyles.
  • COOK WITH FATTITUDE: Cooking with ghee has become quite popular and for great reason, ghee has a naturally high smoke point, making it perfect for high heat seering, flash frying, roasting and baking. Enjoy ghees characteristic delicious flavor. Fatworks ghee is no waxy like other national brands.
  • TESTED FOR THE GOOD STUFF: Our Organic Cultured Ghee is batch tested for freshness and contains an amazing assortment of important nutrients including Vitamins A, E, D, B12, Omega-3, as well as Butyric Adic, CLA, capric, caprylic, and caproic acid, and lots of energy supplying MCT's.
  • FRIENDS DON'T LET FRIENDS EAT INDUSTRIALIZED SEED OILS: Perfect replacement for highly oxidative olive oils and industrialized seed oils. Butter and oil alternative that is excellent to over 420 degrees. Great for pan-frying without having to worry about burning like butter does at high heat.
  • HELPFUL HINTS AND OUR GUARANTEE: Great for adding to your "boosted" or “butter" style coffee. Amazing for baking and popcorn too. Try simply spreading on bread with salt. May come liquid in summer but firms up once it gets back into the fridge. If the ghee is not to your satisfaction contact us and we will refund. Valid if Fatworks is the seller.
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