Fatworks, Premium Wild Boar Lard Is Only Lard That Naturally Con

Fatworks, Premium Wild Boar Lard Is Only Lard That Naturally Con

Fatworks, Premium Wild Boar Lard is only Lard That Naturally Contains Omega 3's, Rich Flavor, Gourmet and Delicious, WHOLE30 APPROVED, KETO, PALEO 7.5 oz.

  • WILD THING: We mean it when we say Wild. This Product is sourced from Wild Boars in the U.S. and are not Farmed in anyway. They eat what they find in the forests of Texas and havedifferent fatty acid profile from any farmed Pork Lard
  • COOKING WITH FATTITUDE: Embrace the flavor. This is a Big Pig flavor, unlike any other lard on the market. Perfect for the adventurous cook, gourmet, and traditional baking. This can be your secret ingredient for savory pastries and earthy concoction.
  • FRIENDS DON'T LET FRIENDS EAT INDUSTRIALIZED SEED OILS: As the company that brought back fat, Fatworks is dedicated to making Lard that is the perfect alternative to highly oxidized seed oils, veggie oils, and poorly crafted lards. This Wild Boar to specifically crafted for followers of fat-centric lifestyles such as KETO, PALEO, Carnivore, GAPS, WAPS, AIP, etc. We are Whole30 APPROVED.
  • FIGHTING FAT-PHOBIA ONE JAR AT A TIME: To insure that we are making the healthiest fats possible we insist on crafting our Lard with no artificial ingredients, no added hormones, no preservatives, no antibiotics for a beyond organic experience. We also use a very little natural anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, Organic Rosemary Extract which helps ensure that the Lard that is not oxidized. This product is USDA inspected and tested on each batch.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: As the standard-bearers of the Premium Lard category, we take our roles as the "Defenders of Fat" quite seriously. While Amazon does not allow you to RETURN your product for safety reasons, we are able to offer a full REFUND. If you receive a broken jar or are not completely satisfied with your Fatworks product, let us know and we will replace or REFUND our order. The guarantee is valid provided the purchase was made with Fatworks as the seller on Amazon.
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