Fitness Box - Protein & Healthy Granola Bars Sampler Pack 30 Co...

Fitness Box - Protein & Healthy Granola Bars Sampler Pack 30 Co...

Fitness Box - Protein & Healthy Granola Bars Sampler Pack ( 30 Count) - Care Package - Limited Edition with KIND PUMPKIN SPICE Bars Gift Pack for Holidays, Students, Office Meetings, Military

1. Nature Valley-Trail Mix Fruit&Nut Chewy Granola Bar-1.2 oz (3 ea)
2. Quaker Chewy-Chocolate Chip Granola Bar-0.84 oz (2 ea)
3. Quaker Chewy-Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Granola Bar-0.84 oz (2 ea)
4. Fiber One Oats and Chocolate Chewy Bars-1.4 oz (2 ea)
5. KIND Bars, Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew + Antioxidants,1.4oz- (1 ea) (Flavors may vary)
6. KIND Bars, Cranberry Almond + Antioxidants with Macadamia Nuts 1.4oz(1 ea) (Flavors may vary)
7. Nutrigrain-Apple Cinnamon-1.3 oz (1 ea)
8. Nutrigrain-Blueberry-1.3 oz (1 ea)
9. Nutrigrain-Strawberry-1.3 oz (1 ea)
10. Nature's Bakery-Fig Bar-Real Figs-2 oz (1 ea)
11. Nature's Bakery-Fig Bar-Blueberry-2 oz (1 ea)
12. Nature's Bakery-Fig Bar-Rasberry-2 oz (1 ea)
13. Nature Valley Crunchy Granola Bars-Oats n Honey-1.49 oz (3 ea)
14. Nature Valley Crunchy Granola Bars-Peanut Butter-1.49 oz (3 ea)
15. Nature Valley Protein Chewy Bars, Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate, 1.42 oz, (4 Each)
16. Pure Protein High Protein Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar 1.76 oz ( 1 ea)
17. Pure Protein High Protein Chewy Chocolate Chip Bar 1.76 oz (1 ea)
18. Pure Protein High Protein Chocolate Deluxe Bar 1.76 oz ( 1 ea)

  • The best and most tasty snacking choices for you in this pack. Packed full of High Protein Snacks, Low Carb, Non GMO, Low Calorie and GF options. Care Packages contents will always be fresh, convenient, and ready to go.
  • Variety of 30 delicious individually packaged single serve snacks high in protein. Includes Pure Protein Snack Bars, Nature Valley Protein Bars, Kind Nut Bars, Fig bars, Fiber One, Nature Valley Peanut Butter, Trail Mix, Honey Oats, Kellogg's Nutri-grain bars. For runners, athletes, body builders, diabetics, health conscious, cyclists, athletic and fitness trainers. Makes thank you baskets, thinking of you, and I miss you.
  • REAL reviews by REAL customers: We do not pay third party review companies to influence our reviewers like many of our competitors. Honest and unbiased reviews.
  • Perfect for home, office break rooms, vacations, road trips, lunch boxes, college dorms, business meetings, sporting events or parties. Great gift or care package for military, college student, exams, mid terms, Easter, birthdays, get well or thank you.
  • Select to send as a gift at checkout and include a gift message! All snacks are handpicked. On rare occasion items in picture are subject to change upon availability. Items do not come in manufacturer packaging, but all snacks are individually wrapped. Snack box of healthy foods to eat. This one box makes Healthy Eating Habits a no brainer. Order one now for yourself or a health eater in your life.
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