Fleur De Sel With Citrus, Sea Salt From Portugal, Campo De Sal,

Out Of Stock Fleur De Sel With Citrus, Sea Salt From Portugal, Campo De Sal,

Fleur De Sel, Sea Salt from Portugal, Campo de Sal, 4.5 Oz (Citrus)

  • THE ULTIMATE MIX BETWEEN SWEET AND SALTY– Fleur de Salt infused with citrus blend, is the perfect touch for your dessert or dish.
  • ORGANIC AND SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE - We only use 100% organic and sustainable fruits to guaranty our level of excellence and our extraordinaire taste.
  • AUTHENTIC & HAND HARVESTED – Castro Marin “paludiers” harvest Fleur De Salt by skimming the surface of the salt ponds, obtaining only the salt crystals formed on the top layer. This sea salt was hand harvested inside a wildlife protected sanctuary, fed by clean and pure Atlantic Ocean water. This high-quality sea salt is produced through artisan methods and ancient known practices. unprocessed once harvested and with impurities removed by hand, this is probably the best sea salt in the world.
  • THE ULTIMATE CULINARY SALT- The unique, natural texture and moisture of Fleur de Salt make it the most favored salt by professional chefs worldwide. The high moisture content and crystalline shape of Fleur de Salt make it the ultimate finishing salt, because salt lingers for longer without dissolving, which gives food both the delicious flavor and satisfying crunch that Fleur de Salt is known for.
  • NATURAL FINE GRAIN - Neither crushed nor ground.
  • Love It: 441
  • Brand: Campo de Sal
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