France Sourdough Culture

France Sourdough Culture

France Sourdough Culture

The France culture is one of Sourdough International's collection of more than 16 authentic sourdough cultures from around the world. The French sourdough is from a small bakery on the outskirts of Paris that has been in business for over 150 years. The starter rises very well and the dough has one of the mildest sourdough flavors. Refrigerated sourdough cultures become dormant but stay viable for many months requiring feeding only to reactivate them before use. The included instructions describe in detail how to activate, reactivate and use our cultures. Ed Wood's most recent book "Classic Sourdoughs, Revised" contains detailed information for using, maintaining and being successful with sourdough cultures. It also contains a wide range of recipes for our sourdough cultures [except the most recent Polish]. None of our cultures ever use commercial yeast in any form. All of our cultures can be used with any of the available home bread machines if used as Ed does for mixing and kneading only. Most bread machines are unsuitable for baking authentic sourdoughs since they do not have "bake only" cycles and thus do not permit the long fermentation cycles required to produce the sourdough flavor.
  • 1 OZ pouch of dried sourdough culture organisms packaged with the flour in which they were grown
  • Detailed printed instructions for activation and use are included
  • Activated sourdough cultures will last you for a lifetime, with minimal care
  • Symbiotic sourdough organisms are resistant to competition from local contaminants
  • Rises very well and has one of the mildest sourdough flavors, from a small bakery near Paris that is over 150 years old
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