Fuego Spice Co. Spicy Honey And Hot Sauce Gift Set | Carolina Re

Fuego Spice Co. Spicy Honey And Hot Sauce Gift Set | Carolina Re

Fuego Spice Co. 3-Pack Gift Set - Collection of Habanero, Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce and Carolina Reaper Honey - Zana, Riza and Hot Hive - Squeeze it on a BBQ Chicken Wings or Try it on a Taco

  • FUEGO SPICE CO. 3-PACK GIFT SET: Our award-winning spicy trio is the ultimate gift set for the discerning spice lover in your life. HOT HIVE, the tastiest spicy honey on the planet, pairs with our vibrant everyday ZANA, and punchy ghost pepper verde, RIZA. We balance heat with fresh organic ingredients sourced from local small farms, so you can use our versatile sauces to bring your food to life. Each hot sauce contains 5oz. and our spicy honey weighs 12oz.
  • SPICY HONEY with ORGANIC CAROLINA REAPER: Our handcrafted HOT HIVE spicy honey contains a blend of rich honey infused with The Carolina Reaper and organic apple cider vinegar. We put full flavor first at FUEGO, and despite using the world’s hottest pepper, the spice level lands at a Mild-Medium heat of 4 out of 10. It sits pretty on your pancakes and amps up your ice cream. Doesn’t hurt on fried chicken, wings, or pizza either.
  • ZANA ORGANIC HABANERO HOT SAUCE: This is how everyday hot sauce is done! Our award-winning handcrafted sauce features a blend of organic habaneros, garlic, and heirloom carrots for a zesty everyday hot sauce. ZANA clocks in at a Mild-Medium heat level of 4 out of 10, so squeeze it on a sandwich, try it on a taco, or pour it on your pasta! We really mean everyday.
  • RIZA ORGANIC GHOST PEPPER VERDE: A mean green love affair between tomatillos, kale, ghost pepper, and jalapeño-infused vinegar. Our flavorful ghost pepper verde hot sauce brings the heat and clocks in at a ‘Hot’ level of 6 out of 10. Extremely tasty on tacos, fiery on seafood, and holds its own among the meatiest of meats.
  • ABOUT US: FUEGO SPICE CO. was created by a guy who went a little too far down the hot sauce rabbit hole... Growing up in Santa Barbara, Mike, FUEGO SPICE CO. founder (and Fuego Box founder), had an early hot sauce obsession and always enjoyed sharing his sauce love with others. After tasting 1,000s of hot sauces and making spicy concoctions in his kitchen for years, Mike finally made his dream line of spicy products.
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