Gau Amritam Organic A2 Ghee Desi Gangatiri Cow Vedic, 500Ml 16

Out Of Stock Gau Amritam Organic A2 Ghee Desi Gangatiri Cow Vedic, 500Ml 16

GAU AMRITAM Organic A2 Ghee Desi Gangatiri Cow Vedic, 500ml ( 16.90 OZ)

  • Gau Amritam is country's First Real Mathni Ghrit because we churn the dahi (curd) in the morning using a Real Clockwise- anticlockwise slow moving traditional wooden Mathni to separate the Makhan out of the Chhach.
  • For 1 litre Vaidic Mathni Ghrit, we boil 30-32 litres of pure milk only in Mitti Handiya (Earthen Vessel) for8-10 hours on low flame of gobar fire, which is first in the Country, in such big scale.
  • This slow process of boiling ensures preserving all vital nutrients of the milk without any loss. Others in the industry do it at high flame to save time & fuel which leads to loss of all vital nutrients found in milk.
  • Almost all in the industry are using a high speed one sided moving Bilona to separate makhan which destroys the very essence and quality of Vedic ghrit,Gangatiri Gau feeds only on the raw grass nurtured by the holy waters of GangaJi. The big flood plains of holy Ganga is enriched with raw grass, and medicinal plants that are rich in calcium and various minerals and vitamins essential for natural nourishment of free grazing Gau.
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