Gosto Nam Tok Waterfall Thai Instant Darkened Spicy Noodle Sou...

Gosto Nam Tok Waterfall Thai Instant Darkened Spicy Noodle Sou...

Gosto Nam Tok (Waterfall) Thai Instant Darkened Spicy Noodle Soup Powder Each for 30 Servings - Pack of 3

In Central Thailand, nam tok is mainly a spicy soup stock enriched with raw cow blood or pig's blood. Blood is often used in Thailand to enrich regular noodle dishes. One of the most popular variants of the nam tok noodle soup is known as kuai-tiao mu nam tok or nua nam tok. It includes broth, blood, noodles, bean sprouts, pieces of liver, pork or beef, dumplings, green vegetables and spices. This type of soup has an intense, rich and pleasant taste and is often served by streetside vendors in small food stalls. / *****Directions: 1). Boil 5 liters of water 2). Pour all of the spicy noodle soup powder into the boiling water. Then stir well. 3). The dish is now ready to serve. Add noodles, vegetable and meatball as desired / *****Note: This is tip for 5 servings : Boil 1,000cc of water (1 liter), and add soup powder 42 grams (1/3 cups). Thai Threshold store.
  • Thai name: Kuai-tiao nam tok soup or Kuai-tiao rua soup. Pork or beef alternatively. 208 grams each
  • Quantity: 3 sachets
  • In Thailand there's going to be small boat sign or boat table. This kind of noodle soup is very popular in Thailand
  • No MSG added and 208 g. / 1 pack for 30 Servings
  • Sugar 64%, Salt 16%, Spices 14%, Soy bean sauce 2%.
  • Love It: 238
  • Brand: Gosto
  • Product Code: NTPOWDER-3
  • Availability: In Stock
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