Gourmet Black Olive Tapenade Spread - Perfect For Grilled Meat,

Gourmet Black Olive Tapenade Spread - Perfect For Grilled Meat,

Gourmet Black Olive Tapenade Spread - Perfect for Grilled Meat, Pizza, Crackers, Salad or Garnishing | Gluten-Free | Non-GMO Low Calories | All-Natural Ingredients | 10 Ounce by World Market

  • DELICIOUS AND ENDLESS TASTY: This olive tapenade is excellent to serve as a garnish for grilled meats, seafood, or toss with hot pasta. Your options are endlessly tasty! You can spread on a toasted baguette or cracker, and spread or top your favorite omelet.
  • SELECT INGREDIENTS: Black olive tapenade spread is traditionally made with the following ingredients like black olives, olive oil, and spices, extra virgin olive oil, all natural, low salt, gluten-free, and low in calories. Non-GMO and no artificial flavorings or preservatives added.
  • THE ONLY CONDIMENT YOU'LL NEED: Perfect for true olive lovers, this is more like an olive paste with strong and bold flavors. Best to have on special occasions or on everyday dishes you served on your tabletop. Can be boxed and shared with friends and officemates during snack time and lunchtime
  • GOOD FOR THE HEALTH: Every purchase you made you will add good food to your table. Its' all-natural pesto's and tapenades are versatile and delicious. Add to Cart Now!
  • PERFECT ADD-ON FINISHER: With little excitement and enormous flavor, transform everyday meals with creative toppings, dips, and spreads. Tapenade Black Olive Spread is versatile sauces and dips for every occasion, best ideas that guarantee diversity in your kitchen.
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