Gutzy Organic Gut Healthy Snack Pouches - Fruit & Veg Energy 32 ...

Gutzy Organic Gut Healthy Snack Pouches - Fruit & Veg Energy 32 ...

Gutzy Organic Gut Healthy Snack Pouches - Fruit & Veg Energy 32 Pouch Variety Pack- Organic, Prebiotics, Plant Based, Gluten Free, Vegan Snacks

  • FRUIT & VEG ENERGY VARIETY PACK: A delicious organic mix from our fresh Fruit & Veg range that features 100% DV of 6 energy-boosting B Vitamins and immunity-boosting Vitamin C. This pack contains 16 pouches of each: 1) Strawberry Kiwi & Kale a light, zesty and insanely invigorating strawberry blend that's a perfect all-day energy booster and 2) Spinach Kiwi & Kale: refreshing, delicious and extremely satiating, our spinach blend is a perfect way to get your green fix while on the go.
  • GUT HEALTHY ORGANIC INGREDIENTS: All Gutzy products are made with plant-based, certified organic and Non-GMO Project Verified ingredients, including the highest-quality PREBIOTIC acacia. Our gut microbiome loves Gutzy's prebiotic acacia!
  • GUT-HEALTHY SNACK ANYTIME, ANYWHERE: Gutzy plant-based gut healthy pouches provide a great source of light and clean energy. It's especially great to 'break the fast' and consume before working out. We like to start each day with a Gutzy to feed ourselves AND our gut's microbiome.
  • THE IMPORTANCE OF GUT HEALTH: Food is broken down in the gut which then unleashes vital nutrients to support the entire body for overall good health. A healthy gut directly supports the immune system, energy levels, mood, sleep and more!
  • PREBIOTICS VS. PROBIOTICS: Our gut microbiome has more than 100 trillion microorganisms – good and harmful bacteria. Foods containing PROBIOTICS add more of the beneficial bugs to our gut; PREBIOTICS are plant-based foods that actually feed the trillions of good bacteria that already live there. Every pouch of Gutzy has 5g to 6g of gut-nourishing Prebiotics to help the good bugs thrive, crowding out the bad ones.
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