Happy Fox Organic Sea Moss | 100% Wildcrafted, Raw, Pure, Sundri

Happy Fox Organic Sea Moss | 100% Wildcrafted, Raw, Pure, Sundri

Happy Fox Organic Sea Moss | 100% Wildcrafted, Raw, Pure, Sundried | Makes 75 oz of Seamoss Gel | Vitamins and Minerals Supplement for Immunity, Digestion, Metabolism, Collagen & Thyroid

  • ORGANIC MARINE ALGAE SUPERFOOD: Activate total body wellness with the power of Happy Fox Organic Sea Moss. This organic marine algae superfood contains 92 vitamins and minerals your body needs to thrive. Ethically harvested from a marine protected area. Local islanders harvest sea moss by hand, wash it with fresh water to remove any excess ocean debris, then dry it in the sun to ensure the nutrients are locked in and stays fresh. All natural, vegan, organic, non GMO, paleo and keto friendly.
  • 2.5 MONTH SUPPLY UNDER $30: Premium quality meets incredible value - that's a promise. One package makes 75oz of sea moss gel. That's 2.5 months' supply at a daily intake of 2 tbsps of sea moss gel per day. Happy Fox Organic Sea Moss is ocean grown (not pool grown) in a marine protected area, hand harvested, fresh water washed and dried under natural sun light. No chemicals or by-products are used, ever.
  • BOOSTS IMMUNITY, ENERGY, DIGESTION, HAIR, SKIN & NAILS: This superfood has 92 of 102 essential vitamins and minerals your body needs to support a resilient immune system, balanced thyroid, lasting energy, smooth digestion and strong metabolism. A great source of plant based marine collagen, sea moss can give you fuller hair, brighter skin, stronger nails and stronger joints.
  • EASY TO USE, TASTELESS & ODORLESS. VEGAN, KETO & PALEO FRIENDLY: Easily make sea moss gel in 3 simple steps. Then add to your breakfast smoothies, pre and post workout drinks, soups, bone broths, dressings and sauces. The possibilities are endless with sea moss since it's a natural thickener, tasteless and odorless. All instructions for making sea moss gel are included on the package for easy reference.
  • WE CONSIDER THE QUALITY, AND THE BAR IS HIGH: Happy Fox Organic Sea Moss is harvested from pristine waters in the Pacific Ocean from a marine protected area. This ensures that there is restricted commercial activity in an effort to support marine life and minimize pollution and contaminated waters. Zero chemicals or by-product are ever used. If you are unsatisfied with the results after trying our products within 30 days, contact us and we will do what it takes to make it right for you.
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