Healthee Chicken Essence with Cordyceps Extract Drink, Premium B...

Healthee Chicken Essence with Cordyceps Extract Drink, Premium B...

Healthee Chicken Essence with Cordyceps Extract Drink, Premium Brand and Organic, Glass Bottle, 2.36 Ounces (70 ml) - Pack of 6 - 有機雞精

How it's made

Healthee Chicken Essence's delicious journey to your mouth starts with carefully picked pieces of chicken flesh and bones from 100% USDA Organic chicken. The nutritious chicken essence is extracted by double boiling the chicken at high temperature for multiple hours right here in our FDA approved U.S. manufacturing plant. The extracted essence is then blended with other organic ingredients to give it its signature taste and nutritional benefits. Once the drink is ready, we bottle it in our luxurious glass bottles to ensure that you get the best taste and freshness possible.

All Natural & Delicious

Our Chicken Essence drink is made based on a traditional recipe using all natural organic ingredients. Each bottle is packed with a very high concentration of chicken, while still remaining virtually fat-free, cholesterol free, and low in sodium content.


Chicken Essence has been consumed as health supplement for hundreds of years. It is high in nutritional value and is believed to enhance mental performance, increase energy, reduce anxiety, reduce hypertension, improve cardiovascular function, strengthen the immune system, regulate high blood glucose levels, and increase iron absorption and utilization.

Perfect for all occasions

Healthee's Chicken Essence drink was made to help you reach your potential in your everyday life and in your most important situations. Incredibly powerful and extremely portable, you can bring it anywhere as a trusty and versatile supplement to give you the nutrients you need to fuel your day and keep your body and mind in tip top shape. It gives you the energy and nutrients to treat various ailments and perform at your best in stressful and demanding situations. What are you waiting for? Try it for yourself!

  • POWERFUL AND HEALTHY: Our chicken essence drink was created to provide you with a delicious drink that has maximum health benefits. It contains highly nutritious components such as protein, peptides, minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients and antioxidants. No Preservatives, No Artificial Flavors, No Additives, No Caffeine. No sugar or salt added.
  • ORGANIC AND ALL NATURAL: Using 100% USDA Organic Chicken stock as the main ingredient, makes healthee Chicken Essence the first and only Chicken Essence product in the market that is Made in USA and Certified USDA Organic.
  • MANUFACTURED AND MADE IN THE USA: healthee Organic Chicken Essence is formulated based on an ancient traditional recipe, enhanced with the best organic ingredients, and processed with advanced technology, thus while the product is shelf-stable, preservatives are never added. The whole production is under direct supervision of and licensed by the State of California Department of Public Health and Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
  • UNIQUE FORMULA: The recipe of Chicken Essence was developed hundreds of years ago to nourish the body. The formula is supremely unique because, among other blends, it contains a very high concentration of chicken, yet it is virtually fat-free, cholesterol-free, and has very low sodium content. In general, Chicken Essence is safe for daily consumption for young and old, even people with health conditions.
  • INCREDIBLE BENEFITS: Chicken essence is a traditional Chinese supplement that is known for its nutritional value. It contains certain natural compounds with benefits which make it beneficial for the treatment of various ailments and for improving mental performance. Chicken essence has been consumed as a health tonic for over hundred years.
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