Heart Warming Wassail Gift Box

Heart Warming Wassail Gift Box

Heart Warming Wassail Gift Box

  • Wassail is a warm drink infused with delicious and aromatic spices usually enjoyed during the Christmas holidays. Often referred to as mulled spices or mulled cider, apple cider is commonly used as the main component of the festive concoction, but grape juice, cranberry juice, beer, wine, or liquor are also used according to family tradition.
  • The name wassail is derived from the ancient Anglo-Saxon term wæs hæil, which means, “Be healthy.” In early England, wassail was the salutation given when offering a person a cup of the spiced ale or when toasting to that person's health. So, drink to each other’s health and prosperity at your next holiday gathering.
  • Give the gift of great taste. This gift box is ideal for holiday gifting. Each box contains two bags of wassail mix and can be added to one gallon of apple cider. That's enough for sixteen one cup servings. The decorative gift box adorned in red and green includes a delightful Christmas poem. Makes a great gift on its own or attached to a gallon of apple cider with ribbon and bow.
  • Start your own holiday tradition with Heart Warming Wassail Mix. The simmering spices will set the perfect holiday mood as the aroma of apples, cinnamon, nutmeg, citrus and cloves permeates the air as if to say welcome. Once they taste it, your guest will keep coming back for more. You could spend hours preparing your own recipe, but you can enjoy authentic flavor so much easier with this mix.
  • Order by Dec. 19 to arrive before Christmas. Wassail is for more than just Christmas. As wassail has gained popularity in North America, it is not uncommon to see it served in various forms during Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, New Years, and even Valentine's Day. Wassail can be served at any large gathering such as weddings, banquets, company parties, church socials, civic events, etc. As this is a warm beverage, it is best served during the cooler months.
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