Heinz Tartar Sauce 0.4 oz Packets, Pack of 200

Heinz Tartar Sauce 0.4 oz Packets, Pack of 200

Heinz Tartar Sauce (0.4 oz Packets, Pack of 200)

Premium Heinz quality in a convenient package: Heinz portion control products delivers great flavor without the hassle of large or messy containers. Make convenient condiment packets a part of your routine by taking them on-the-go or by using them for large events. Each packet makes adding flavor to your meals easy.
  • Classic tartar sauce from Heinz, the trusted brand in condiments: seafood's just not the same without it
  • The classic condiment packet isn't just made for take-out or restaurants - perfect for picnics, packed lunches, and other on-the-go situations
  • Easy, convenient portion control container
  • Heinz has been bringing premium quality to condiments across different formats and flavors for 150 years, to bring you the best condiments & sauces every time
  • Buy in bulk for a great value product in convenient packaging
  • Premium tartar sauce that is made with select Heinz relish
  • Makes a zesty salad dressing
  • Delicious for dipping fried fish, fries, and other fried foods
  • Tangy addition to burgers and sandwiches
  • Add some flavor to your recipes and sauces
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