Herb Lore Preconception Fertility Tea, 60 Servings, Loose Leaf -...

Herb Lore Preconception Fertility Tea, 60 Servings, Loose Leaf -...

Fertility Tea for Women - 60 Cups - Organic Fertility Supplement for Women - Fertility Herbs to Help You Get Pregnant - Herb Lore

All Natural. Subtly Minty Tasting. Caffeine free. No additives or fillers. Non-GMO and gluten-free. Loose leaf tea comes in a resealable pouch. 60 cups per bag. 1 month supply.

Organic fertility herbs help balance female reproductive hormones to make getting pregnant easier.

Why Is A Fertility Cleanse Important?

The liver helps remove toxins and excess hormones from our body but can get clogged up. When your liver is clear and happy, your hormones can work better supporting regular ovulation, and female hormone balance.

Suggested Use : 2-3 cups per day.

Herb Lore's Preconception Fertility Tea can be enjoyed, hot or iced, throughout the day, every day, for months at a time.

Note: Red Clover and Alfalfa are not suitable for those on blood-thinning medications.

Red Raspberry Leaf - Helps strengthen the uterus and improve uterine lining and can help reduce chances of miscarriage due to implantation issues.

Red Clover Blossom - High vitamin content is especially helpful to the uterus. Helps detoxify liver so it can effectively process excess hormones to help balance hormones allowing for regular ovulation and regular menstrual cycle.

Dandelion Leaf - Can help improve cervical mucus production. Supports liver health for improved hormone balance in women.

Nettle Leaf - Supports liver function and hormone balance. Nutritionally high in iron and vitamin C. Also contains A, C, D, K, iron, folic acid, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, sulfur, and magnesium

Alfalfa - Very nutritious, high in vitamins and minerals. Helps improve cervical mucus.

Chamomile - Helps reduce stress and relax the nervous system.

Oatstraw - Helps reduce stress by supporting the nervous system. Helps reduce stress-related fertility issues.

Peppermint - Adds flavor to the tea and can act as a libido enhancer.

  • IMPROVES ODDS OF GETTING PREGNANT - Provides a gentle fertility cleanse that supports regular ovulation and menstrual cycle. Perfect first step for when you stop birth control and start trying to conceive!
  • PREPARES YOUR BODY FOR A HEALTHY PREGNANCY - The red raspberry leaf in this fertility tea helps strengthen and tone your uterus and prepares it for the hard work of pregnancy and labor.
  • INCREASES FERTILE CERVICAL MUCUS - Fertile cervical mucus means you don't need to buy extra fertility lubricant. Your lubrication helps the sperm travel safely so you can get pregnant faster.
  • RELAXING HERBAL FERTILITY TEA - Chamomile and oatstraw help calm your nervous system and relax you. High stress levels make getting pregnant more difficult. Have a cup in the evening and relax.
  • VERY NUTRITIOUS ORGANIC FERTILITY BLEND - The herbs in our pre conception tea are very high in vitamins and minerals. Herb Lore's tea is a natural female fertility booster that supports a healthy pregnancy.
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