Hydrant Rapid Hydration Drink Mix, Electrolyte Powder Packets wi...

-22% Hydrant Rapid Hydration Drink Mix, Electrolyte Powder Packets wi...

Hydrant Hydrate Blood Orange 30 Stick Packs, Electrolyte Powder Rapid Hydration Mix, Hydration Powder Packets Drink Mix, Helps Rehydrate Better Than Water

  • Rapid Hydration Drink Mix: A simple, morning hydration mix, optimized to hydrate you rapidly. The best way to start your day. These rehydration powder packets have just 20 Cal/serving. Our electrolyte powder mix is the best way to hydrate your body first thing in the morning.
  • 3x the Electrolytes: This Sports hydration drink mix has up to 3-times the electrolytes and significantly less sugar than a traditional sports drink. That means it’s more efficient at hydrating your body compared to just water alone.
  • Subtle, Refreshing Flavor: Hydrant Rapid Hydration Mixes are flavored with real fruit juice that rejuvenates the taste buds as much as it rejuvenates the body.
  • The Perfect Balance: To be truly hydrated, your body needs to strike a delicate balance of Water, Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium, and Zinc. Our formula is optimized to contain the exact amount of each mineral in order to create the perfect ratio of supplements for your body to hydrate quickly.
  • Convenient to Use: Simply stir 1 Hydrant electrolyte powder packet with 8 to 16 oz of cold water depending on your taste preference and enjoy. Drink this anywhere for immediate dehydration relief.
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