Inner Flame Hing - Asafoetida Organic. Strong Taziki Hing For Hi

Inner Flame Hing - Asafoetida Organic. Strong Taziki Hing For Hi

Inner Flame Hing - Asafetida Organic. Strong Taziki Hing For Hing Lovers

  • We are glad you finally made it! If you are an asafoetida aficionado, this Taziki Hing for you. 100% natural and organic. Asafoetida is the English name for hing. Taziki hing is a premium grade hing that is 20 times stronger than regular hing. You can also order a sample sachet from our website, if you prefer to try it first.
  • Is this Asafoetida Organic? Yes. Asafoetida is naturally organic and it grows in the wild. No pesticides or fertilizers are used in growing asafoetida. Since asafoetida grows in Iran and Afghanistan, there is no USDA certification there.
  • What makes asafoetida Certified USDA organic? According to USDA rules, if 95% of the ingredients are certified organic then the product can be USDA certified organic. So if you see certified organic asafoetida, it means there is less than 5% asafoetida in the compounded form. Since we like our asafoetida strong, we chose not to pursue USDA organic certification.
  • Why is asafoetida compounded? Asafoetida is compounded for two reasons. 1) Asafoetida naturally has higher level of moisture (16%). Moisture will cause mold. To preserve asafoetida, it is first sun dried, ground, sifted and then compounded with a flour (rice or wheat) to remove remaining moisture. 2) Hing in its raw form is very potent and not consumable. Compounding neutralizes hing and makes it ready for consumption. Most recipes require 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of asafoetida in its compounded form
  • If you are an Hing aficianado looking for raw hing that you would like to compound yourself, you can order than from our website
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