12 oz Humming Bee Pure SLOW, Raw, and Unfiltered Honey - US Grad...

Out Of Stock 12 oz Humming Bee Pure SLOW, Raw, and Unfiltered Honey - US Grad...

12 oz Humming Bee Pure SLOW, Raw, and Unfiltered Honey - US Grade A, Gluten Free, and Kosher - Silky Smooth Yucatán Amber and Argentinian Gold Squeeze Bottle Honey

  • CERTIFIED - Humming Bee Honey is US Grade A, Kosher certified through HKA, and naturally Gluten Free. Humming Bee Honey is GFSI-recognized through SQF certification.
  • SLOW TO GRANULATE HONEY FROM THE YUCATAN PENINSULA AND ARGENTINA - Bees in the Yucatan Peninsula and Argentina feed on the tropical floral sources of the regions, resulting in a combination of unique and delicious one-of-a-kind flavors unlike any other honey created by nature.
  • PURE HONEY - Each load of honey is tested for purity prior to departing confirmed ports of origin. All Humming Bee Honey is tested to determine that it is free from pesticides, antibiotics, glyphosate, and any chemicals. You can rest assured our honey is tested and safe. We are determined to safely serve you and your family.
  • ADD NATURAL SWEETNESS TO YOUR DISHES - Humming Bee Honey is a natural, healthy replacement for sugar and/or artificial sweeteners. Our honey pairs well with various types of dishes and drinks. Try it in your teas, smoothies, desserts, salad dressings, yogurt, or use as a glaze for your vegetables and protein dishes.
  • We love honey—like REALLY love honey! We’re a small family-owned business working hard to produce delicious, golden honey that we can introduce to you and your family. We’re based out of Houston, Texas but want to make lifelong connections throughout the world!
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