Jenkins Jellies Hell Fire, Fiery Fig And Cookbook Bundle Of 3,

Out Of Stock Jenkins Jellies Hell Fire, Fiery Fig And Cookbook Bundle Of 3,

Jenkins Jellies Hell Fire, Fiery Fig and Cookbook (Bundle of 3), Hot Pepper Jelly with Jalapeños, Habaneros, Red Green Peppers and Chilis, use as Spread, Dip, Marinade with Meat, Cheese, Fruit, Bagel

  • This bundle includes a package of 2 jars of 5oz Hell Fire and Fiery Fig jams plus a bonus 115 page full color cookbook; Since 2010 we've been handcrafting small batches of healthy organic jam with sweet hot peppers, red chili, jalapeno and seven other fresh peppers for your hot pepper jam enjoyment
  • Treat yourself with a gourmet organic jelly that packs sweet heat with your other favorite spicy food; use these jams and jellies and preserves like a condiment and put it on everything including chicken breast, pork tenderloin, sweet potatoes, cream cheese crackers and more
  • This jalapeno jam makes a great hot pepper spread and is sure to always leave you wanting more; package it up as a jam gift set and surprise your friends and family with a jelly gift set that goes great in a meat and cheese gift baskets or other food gift baskets
  • On a keto diet? No problem! This gourmet snacks is jelly organic, packed with red peppers and makes a great keto jam; so the next time you are craving something sweet and spicy just reach for this red chili pepper spread and get ready for a spicy jam you'll love
  • Add this healthy jam to your grocery and gourmet shopping list and get ready for red pepper jelly and jalapeno peppers like you've never experienced before! If you end up not liking it, no worries because satisfaction is guaranteed, just return your items for a full refund
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