Joes Kansas City French Fry Seasoning Large 13.1 oz

Joes Kansas City French Fry Seasoning Large 13.1 oz

Joe's Kansas City French Fry Seasoning Large (13.1 oz)

Though we can assure you that no narcotics are used in its manufacture, you might indeed find that sprinkling this French Fry Seasoning on your baked potatoes, popcorn, salads, and sandwiches (or any and all other foods) is habit forming. Created by BBQ Hall of Famer, Jeff Stehney, and owner of Joe's KC. Named 13 Places to Eat Before You Die by Anthony Bourdain. Considered by many to be the best BBQ on the Planet. 23 Total Grand Championships under the Competition Team name: Slaughterhouse Five
  • TRANSFORM ORDINARY MEAT: Sick of unremarkable, tasteless meat? Our award-winning, Oh Mama! BBQ rub will take your cooking to the next level. Transform Hogs poultry or even beef into delicious meat that is sure to impress even the toughest of BBQ critics. You'll soon find yourself being asked to host and be the pit master at all the family barbecues and tailgates!
  • A FLAVOR EXPLOSION: This Killer BBQ dry rub powder was designed for poultry , Chops, Ribs, and Butt, it is the perfect seasoning to add a spicy kick to any meat! Our signature blend of spices is the perfect balance of savory and kicked-up heat, delivering a mouthwatering explosion of fiery BBQ goodness. This original rub blend is full of robust flavor that will enhance your barbecue creations with a thrilling heat accent unlike any other that your taste buds will crave.
  • EASY TO USE: Our BBQ rub will add the best flavors to just about any meat! Whether you use it as chicken wing coating, rib or steak rub, or for kicking up burgers and fries, you can't go wrong. Simply sprinkle on or rub into your meat of choice and enjoy rich-smelling and deliciously succulent dishes with Oh Mama! BBQ Rub and spice blend!
  • ALL THINGS BARBECUE: With a versatile flavor that is great for kickin' up almost anything, this BBQ rub is not only a fantastic seasoning for a variety of meats, including chicken, pork, beef and seafood, but also the perfect rub for spicing up your other favorite foods. With just a sprinkle you can enhance the flavor of casseroles, potatoes, baked beans, and more!
  • THE PERFECT GIFT IDEA: Making a Killer BBQ Rub and seasoning isn't just time-consuming but it can end up to be a hassle. Our Oh Mama! BBQ Rub and Seasoning saves time and effort making it not just a great choice for your kitchen and Outdoors but also makes a great gift for friends and family on weddings, housewarming parties, fathers day and more!
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  • Brand: Joes Kansas City
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