Jubes Nata De Coco with 100% Coconut Water Pandan Flavor - 12....

Jubes Nata De Coco with 100% Coconut Water Pandan Flavor - 12....

Jubes Nata De Coco with 100% Coconut Water (Pandan Flavor) - 12.7oz [Pack of 3]

  • ORGANIC DRIED RASPBERRIES UNSWEETENED: powbab Dried Whole Raspberries are crunchy with no added sugar. Naturally low heat dried raspberries rather than freeze dried raspberries for optimal taste and nutrition.
  • RASPBERRIES ORGANIC AND DRIED ARE IDEAL FOR BAKING: Instead of organic freeze dried raspberries, these make for great raspberry baking chips. Raspberries fresh fruit are dehydrated into the most natural raspberry baking bits.
  • MADE IN THE USA: Support local farms - powbab uses USA grown Organic dehydrated raspberries, rather than imported organic freeze-dried fruit. Imported supply of raspberry powder freeze dried or berry may not deliver same quality.
  • LOW HEAT RASPBERRIES DRIED TO PERFECTION: Similar to powbab Raspberry Powder, powbab's Whole Raspberries dried are not made from juice powder or juice concentrate. Great even for raspberry powder baking.
  • EASY TO USE: Combine with other powbab Superfood Powders like Organic Raspberry Powder. Use when recipes call for freeze dried raspberry powder for baking, organic raspberry flavoring, black raspberry concentrate, or any freeze dried fruit bulk replacements. Combine with flavors such as freeze dried pineapple organic, strawberry freeze dried fruit or other freeze dried berries.
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