Karmic Circle Coffee | Single Origin | Specialty Vietnamese Coff

Out Of Stock Karmic Circle Coffee | Single Origin | Specialty Vietnamese Coff

Karmic Circle Coffee | Single Origin | Specialty Vietnamese Coffee | Direct Trade | Whole Bean | Medium Roast (Karmic Circle Reserve (1 lb.))

  • MICRO LOT: Creamy and full-bodied, Karmic Circle Reserve is harvested from Vuong Farms coffee in Lac Duong, Vietnam. 1480m above sea level. A taste of oven-roasted nuts, dark chocolate fudge, and a hint of golden rum, and a dash of sea salt await your taste-buds.
  • CHOOSE YOUR BREW: We work collaboratively with Santa Barbara and Ventura coffee roasters where a combination of craftsman skill and computer-controlled precision ensures our roasts push the envelope of perfection. Our beans unique umami flavors are best expressed at a medium to medium/dark roast level.
  • FRESHLY ROASTED-WHOLE BEAN: Our one-way valve bags keep coffee fresh for up to a year if left unopened. Pre-ground coffee will never taste as fresh. All bags show both "roasted on" and/or "best by" dates.
  • SEASONALLY SELECTED: We purchase the highest grade of beans from the most superior crops yielded by Vietnam’s twin coffee harvest seasons. Your coffee is always fresh from the farms.
  • KARMIC CIRCLE COFFEE: is a socially active enterprise, established in 2017 and committed to improving the lives of all people who are involved in the Vietnamese coffee industry by bringing their high-quality, purpose driven coffee to the U.S market. We operate under three objective goals: Transforming - Perception Transcend - Purpose Driven Quality Control Transparent - Direct Trading Partnership
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