Keto Chow Keto Meal Replacement Shake: delicious, easy meals for...

Keto Chow Keto Meal Replacement Shake: delicious, easy meals for...

Keto Chow Keto Meal Replacement Shake: delicious, easy meals for keto diet, complete keto meal, on the run keto meal (Eggnog, 21 Meals)

  • Our Keto Eggnog Meal Replacement Shake Is The Perfect Solution For Those Wanting To Make Keto Meal Prep Easy. Our eggnog flavor is fantastic cold or hot, giving you many options for delicious keto meals that keep you in nutritional ketosis. Drink “As Is” or use as an ingredient for any number of keto breakfast or dessert recipes.
  • Keto Chow Eggnog Is Great For Real Keto Meal Prep! Like a fine wine when you premix one of our keto meal shakes, it truly gets better with time. Mix and drink right away, or better yet, chill for 30 minutes, OR even better, Keto Chow lasts nearly a week in the fridge and gets more delicious over time. Don’t believe me? Try it!
  • When You Purchase Our Eggnog Keto Meal Shake, You’re Getting A Meal That Is Nutritionally Complete For Anyone Rocking The Ketogenic Diet. What does nutritionally complete mean? It means your getting exactly ⅓ of your daily keto macro and micro nutrition requirements, even down to selenium. (Which most keto shakes lack)
  • A Requirement For Nutritional Ketosis Is Ensuring You’re Eating A High Fat Low Carb Diet; Keto Chow is convenient, easy, and customizable to your keto diet needs. Add your own fat source like avocado oil, heavy cream, or our personal favorite - melted butter. You pick your own adventure (calories) here!
  • Avoid Electrolyte Deficiencies By Keeping Up With Your Body’s Electrolyte Requirements. As your body becomes fat adapted and depleted of carbs, it has a tendency to need more electrolytes. Keto Chow Eggnog comes with all of the electrolytes your body needs for a single meal.
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