Krampade Anti-Cramping Potassium Replacement Drink - 1K Lemon-Li

Krampade Anti-Cramping Potassium Replacement Drink - 1K Lemon-Li

Krampade Original 1K Lemon-Lime Low Sugar High Potassium Cramp Relief Electrolyte Drink Powder: Slower Fatigue, Optimized Hydration, Designed for Seniors | 19-Serving Resealable Pouch, All-Natural, Colorless

  • HELPS PREVENT CRAMPS BEFORE THEY START! Krampade 1Krs has 1000 mg of readily absorbable potassium. Replenishing potassium is critical for proper muscle function and Krampade 1Krs delivers 1000 mg of potassium to help keep tissue potassium levels optimized. Consume Krampade 1Krs daily to help prevent and/or remediate nighttime leg and foot cramps, period cramps, or just everyday cramping.
  • DESIGNED FOR ELDERLY! Krampade 1Krs is specifically designed to deliver the potassium needed by older individuals at a more relaxed rate. Use Krampade daily to help prevent cramps and just plain feel better as potassium levels are optimized in the tissues.
  • ECONOMICAL! Krampade 1Krs is packaged in an easy-to-use resealable pouch with convenient single-serving scoop. At only $0.87 per serving, Krampade 1Krs is an easy, economical way to get the potassium needed.
  • SUSTAINABLE! Krampade is a sustainable alternative to coconut water and other "high potassium" beverages. Krampade is made with all-natural ingredients and does not have any artificial colors or preservatives.
  • FORMULATED BY SCIENTISTS! Krampade is formulated to solve the chronic cramping issues of a medical school professor when nothing else worked. This original solution was developed into great tasting Krampade.
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