La Fundidora Traditional Mexican Salsas, Authentic Recipe, Smoot

La Fundidora Traditional Mexican Salsas, Authentic Recipe, Smoot

La Fundidora Traditional Mexican Salsas, Authentic Recipe, Smooth Style Sauce, Small Batch, All Natural, No Preservative (Fresca, Fuego, Humo)

  • "Smokey, earthy, bright--these sauces are perfect for elevating the complexity of any dish. Each batch is lovingly hand-crafted using ingredients sourced from regional farmers. This way we guarantee you're getting a true taste of Mexico with every spoonful. "
  • Traditional recipes mean traditional style. Forget mushy tomatoes in a watery sauce you've been told is salsa; this sauce is much thicker and more satisfying. You can still dip your chips in it, but it's even more versatile. Use it as the base for beans and rice. Mix it with ground beef or lamb to add depth to your burgers. Or liven up old standbys like grilled cheese. The possibilities are endless!
  • Unlike standard American salsas, La Fundidora never makes you choose between flavor and heat! All sauces rank about medium hot, but each retains its own distinct taste. These sauces are designed to enhance your dining experience, not overpower it. Fresca has a bright, refreshing flavor. Fuego's key notes are Earthy and Sharp, with a slight sweetness. Humo is our most complex, with a deep, smoky flavor.
  • This set includes three (3) 12 fluid oz bottles of La Fundidora sauces , 1 each of Fresca, Fuego, and Humo. Each sauce is made with fresh and smoked chilis, ripe tomatoes, and fruity tomatillos. Sauces are never adulterated with preservatives or artificial flavors. Unopened, each jar lasts 14 months from production. Will last three to four weeks after opening. Refrigerate after opening.
  • La Fundidora variety packs are a great way to explore the endless possibilities the different salsas provide. Expand your repertoire with Ámbar and Luna, also sold together with Fresca. Fresca, the most popular and versatile flavor, can be purchased by itself.
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