Lets Do Organic Coconut Shredded, Unsweetened, 8-Ounce Pack of 6

Lets Do Organic Coconut Shredded, Unsweetened, 8-Ounce Pack of 6

Let's Do Organic Coconut Shredded, Unsweetened, 8-Ounce (Pack of 6)

  • CERTIFIED ORGANIC, KOSHER, VEGAN, NON-GMO, AND GLUTEN-FREE: All of our Goji Truffle Righteously Raw Cacao bars are made entirely from high-frequency foods and retain their natural state throughout the entire process, from the raw ingredients all the way to the finished product! These bars have a high-frequency in berries and luscious figs covered in 90% cacao making this Righteously Raw Dark Chocolate Cacao Bar with Goji Truffle a delicious and nutritious chocolate snack!
  • 6 BARS PER BOX: Each box of these 90% pure and organic dark chocolate goji truffle cacao bars comes with 6 delicious and individually packaged bars! Each with an amazing goji truffle flavor inside and a smooth dark chocolate cacao exterior, ready to be enjoyed! We make each of our dark chocolate goji bars in our own factory with human hands and with love. The consumers' enjoyment and satisfaction is our main priority and we are proud to say we think we have met that goal!
  • NO REFINED SUGARS: We are happy to offer you a healthy and delectable chocolate goji truffle bar with no refined sugars along with being; raw, organic, kosher, vegan, and gluten-free for the ones enjoying the amazing berry flavor of these chocolate bars. Everything we make is processed in a Top 11 Allergen/Nut Free Facility with the exception of coconut. we assure that all ingredients are pure and organic. This results in our delicious organic 90% Pure Dark Chocolate Goji Truffle Bars.
  • INCREASES ENERGY: These bars are not your regular processed chocolate bar. With our amazing and healthy set of ingredients that are pure, organic, and antioxidant-rich this Righteously Raw Dark Chocolate Cacao Bar with Goji Truffle will increase energy and vitality throughout your day! Giving you just the boost you need to get done what you need to get done.
  • YOUR SATISFACTION IS OUR TOP PRIORITY: Above all else, it is our top priority that you are satisfied w/ this delicious and healthy chocolate bar we are offering! It is our goal to be sure that you will have no complaints w/ these delicious Righteously Raw Dark Chocolate Cacao Bar with Goji Truffle. We are happy to offer a chocolate bar that is not only delicious but provides a natural, raw, and organic way to enjoy delicious chocolate treats with an amazing burst of berry flavor with each bite!
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