Liquid Stevia-Stevia Select Root Beer 2 oz Stevia Drops from The...

Liquid Stevia-Stevia Select Root Beer 2 oz Stevia Drops from The...

Liquid Stevia-Stevia Select Root Beer 2 oz Stevia Drops from The Sweet Leaf-Sugar Free Stevia Flavor - Water Enhancer - Water Flavor- Amazing Tasting Root Beer

  • * Stevia Select Root Beer stevia liquid drops have UNBEATABLE TASTE simply because we make it with real extracts of Sassafras,Sarsaparilla, Vanilla, & Anise. Why settle for a stevia flavored with "natural flavors" when that can mean so many different things? Trust Stevia Select for all natural, wholesome ingredients!
  • * Root Beer Stevia flavored drops are fantastic used in Soda Stream, added to Seltzer Water, or just add 10-15 drops to pure water and serve in a tall frosted mug.YUM!! Drinking more water is proven to speed up metablosim and boost weight loss efforts. Let Stevia Root Beer make water enjoyable and delicious to drink!
  • *Save money on bottled water or vitamin water by making your own Root Beer flavored's SUGAR FREE & economical at approx. $.09 cents a glass! Even kids love it frozen into popsicles or add stevia flavor to their water & have them begging for more! say Goodbye to harmful Sodas loaded with chemicals & preservatives. Root Beer Stevia is an answer the whole family will love!
  • * Stevia drops are a FREE food! 0 calories, 0 Fat, 0 carbohydrates. Stevia liquid flavors are perfect for any WEIGHT LOSS plan. Stevia drops replace other water enhancers, like Milo - Dasani - Crystal Light - that contain artificial sweeteners, colors, preservatives and questionable ingredients.
  • * Root Beer Stevia drops are perfect for every diet including: Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Atkins, South Beach, or The Biggest Loser. Drink more water with Stevia Select Root Beer stevia. "Tasty Meets Heathy"
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