Low FODMAP Certified Caesar Salad Dressing for IBS & SIBO, No On...

Low FODMAP Certified Caesar Salad Dressing for IBS & SIBO, No On...

Low FODMAP Certified Caesar Salad Dressing for IBS & SIBO, No Onion No Garlic, Gluten Free, Lactose Free, Keto, No Carb, Gourmet Food for Gut Health - Casa de Sante

  • LOW FODMAP DIET CERTIFIED: The low FODMAP diet helps provide relief from uncomfortable digestive symptoms, like bloating, gas, and other bowel issues. This diet is often suggested for people with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), SIBO, Crohns and other gut disorders. Those who are on the FODMAP diet avoid eating foods like milk, certain fruits and vegetables, wheat, and other carbs. Our caesar dressing is low FODMAP certified, keto, and contains no carbs.
  • INGREDIENTS: Our low FODMAP certified Caesar Salad Dressing contains mayonnaise (soybean oil, egg yolks, vinegar, eggs, water, salt, sugar, calcium disodium edta), olive oil, lemon juice, mustard (vinegar, mustard seed, salt, turmeric, spices, herbs), water, parmesan (milk, cheese cultures, salt, enzymes), horseradish (horseradish, vinegar, water, salt, natural flavor), capers, and black pepper.
  • USEFUL DRESSING: Caesar dressing goes with fresh romaine salads and many other foods. Pull it out of your pantry and use it to compliment a vegetable tray at a party or splash it on some gluten-free chicken or croutons for a little extra flavor. The possibilities are endless when you have a delicious garlic- and onion-free salad dressing on hand.
  • SUPER HEALTHY: Our low FODMAP certified Caesar Dressing is not only tasty but it is also gluten-free and doesn’t contain any artificial colors or preservatives. We created this prime caesar dressing to open up a new world of flavor to those on the low FODMAP diet. Bag those bland balsamic vinegar dressing packets and enjoy a variety of real foods without the guilt!
  • OTHER CASA DE SANTE PRODUCTS: At Casa de Sante, we take pride in our work by selling the best FODMAP grocery options on the market. Low-FODMAP certified products, including seasoning mixes, vegetable stock, granolas, beverages and more! These products are lab tested and approved low in FODMAPs by the FODMAP Friendly Program in Australia, so you can eat with confidence.
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