Macadamia Nuts, Fresh N Crispy Raw Chopped With Flour 5 Lbs.

Macadamia Nuts, Fresh N Crispy Raw Chopped With Flour 5 Lbs.

Macadamia nuts, "Fresh" Raw Chopped with flour, Creamy, KETO, User friendly, #1, Gluten free, Alternative, Low-carb, Versatile, packed in a resealable pouch bag of 5 lbs. (80 oz.) by Presto Sales LLC

  • SWEET AS A NUT!: This Macadamia flour with Chopped, Diced and Granulated pieces is a perfect alternative for almond flour with its great consistency. Its sweet nutty flavor makes it a delicious gluten-free starch.
  • VERSATILITY: Presto Sales LLC Macadamia flour has great kitchen versatility; it’s a fantastic fish or poultry coating, super for baking with whether its cookies, granola or anything else, giving a nutty accent to your delightful dishes!
  • GUILT-FREE CHOICE: Our Macadamia flour is a low-carb flour. Use this flour to allow yourself to enjoy your carbohydrates guilt-free! (Think - cookies, cake and such!)
  • KETO: For those on Keto diet, you have found the perfect choice! Keto diets rely on healthy monosaturated fats for energy. Macadamia nuts have higher fat levels than other nuts whilst being lower in carbs.
  • YOU IN MIND: We ensure that are products are designed with YOU in mind. This includes the flour and its bag! We pack our luscious flour into resealable bags to make is extremely easy for you to store the flour whilst maintaining its perfect flavor and texture.
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