Maple Syrup Jugs Empty 3.4Oz Size 4 Pack With Caps By Old Cobble

Maple Syrup Jugs Empty 3.4Oz Size 4 Pack With Caps By Old Cobble

Maple Syrup Jugs Empty 3.4oz Size 4 Pack with Caps By Old Cobblers Farm

  • ORGANIC MINCED ONION - Frontier Co-op Organic Minced Onion, known as Allium cepa, is a staple in every cuisine all over the world. This universal ingredient comes from fresh, whole white onion bulbs that are naturally dehydrated and minced.
  • A FLEXIBLE ALTERNATIVE - Minced onion is often used as a flexible substitute for fresh onions. This is a great choice for anybody who doesn’t have the time to chop and peel. It's perfect for when you need onion flavor in prepared dishes.
  • SHARP BUT SWEET - Frontier Co-op Organic Minced Onion delivers a sharp yet sweet onion flavor when used in cooking. This product is aromatic, and mixes well with any spices or herbs without overpowering other flavors.
  • SOURCED FROM THE U.S. - Frontier Co-op Minced Onion is non-irradiated, 100% certified organic, and 100% Kosher. It is grown and harvested in the United States. Every onion is hand-picked, peeled, and cut in half from its root down to its stem. There are no artificial chemicals or additives used at any stage of growing and processing.
  • ABOUT US - Owned by stores and organizations that buy and sell our products, Frontier Co-op has been a member-owned cooperative since 1976. We support natural living and our products are never irradiated or treated with ETO. We’re committed to the health and welfare of the environment and everyone producing and consuming our botanical products.
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