MARTIN POURET Red Wine Vinegar, 8.45 OZ

Out Of Stock MARTIN POURET Red Wine Vinegar, 8.45 OZ

MARTIN POURET Red Wine Vinegar, 8.45 OZ

  • Martin Pouret Orleans Red Wine Vinegar is a French Bordeaux wine that has turned into vinegar using the traditional Orléans method, which is the meeting between French terroir, air and time.
  • The unique process of the traditional Orléans method : The transformation of the wine into vinegar is made by a natural surface fermentation, with neither brewing nor addition of ferments. The wine, sheltered from light, in "vaisseaux" which are 240 liters oak barrels, will slowly turn into vinegar at a constant 30°c temperature. Lastly, the vinegar is aged at least 1 year in oak casks in Maison Martin Pouret's cellars.
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